Oral Health

Dental Products to be Thankful For (Stocking Stuffer Ideas!)

‘Tis the month for giving thanks. In the dental world, there are so many devices and procedures that we use that we are thankful for, but what about you at home? Part of our job is to inform our clients on the ways to keep their oral health strong and ready-to-shine when holiday photos are … more »

7 Oral Care Tips For Babies

Remember when you were young and your parents would ask if you brushed your teeth before you went to bed? This was to make sure you’re gums and teeth stay healthy during your oral health development. But, when do you start using toothpaste? What about mouthwash? It might be hard to determine the best age … more »

Top 5 Foods to Avoid This Christmas

And here we are again, another holiday filled with love, laughter, and foods that can reek havoc on your oral health. We talked last month about tips to keep up on your oral health, but we thought we’d dive deeper into the top 5 foods to avoid this Christmas. Eggnog Eggnog is synonymous with Christmas … more »