Top 5 Foods to Avoid This Christmas

And here we are again, another holiday filled with love, laughter, and foods that can reek havoc on your oral health. We talked last month about tips to keep up on your oral health, but we thought we’d dive deeper into the top 5 foods to avoid this Christmas.


Eggnog is synonymous with Christmas as Bert is to Ernie. The moment it hits the shelves, the true feeling of the holiday season hits. However, the delicious drink is a major food to avoid this Christmas. The average cup of eggnog contains roughly 20 grams of sugar, which will take a toll on your pearly whites. If you simply cannot resist your dose of eggnog, make sure you rinse your mouth afterward in order to keep the bacteria from feeding.


Oh, popcorn on a string. What a tedious and delicious decoration. Why not, kick back with the rest and watch your favorite holiday film? Consumer beware! Popcorn kernels a notorious for getting stuck in your teeth and staying around for hours or even days. This allows the bacteria in your mouth to have a consistent source of supplementation to grow. Make sure you keep floss at the ready should you indulge in a bowl of popcorn.

Candy Canes

What screams Christmas more than candy canes? They taste delicious, work perfect to stir your coffee or hot chocolate while adding just the right amount of peppermint to the mix, but they couldn’t be worse for your teeth. Whether you let it slowly dissolve over time or chomp on it, your teeth are the recipients of a heavy dose of sticky sugar that get impacted into the small areas of your teeth. The longer sugar stays on your teeth, the more time bacteria has to cause tooth decay.


Holiday gatherings are a time to share laughter and love with your friends and family shared over great food and a drink or two. Do not forget, alcohol can have the same impact on your teeth as many other sugary, acidic drinks. Certain alcohol, like wine, is especially concerning because it can leave stains on your teeth and the high acidity can break down your enamel. Make sure you alternate between a glass of alcohol and a glass of water for a quick rinse.

Mashed Potatoes

Nothing pairs better with a carved turkey and roasted honey ham than mashed potatoes. But, mashed potatoes are high in starch and like sugar, the starch will stick to teeth. Think of this like a spider web. They starch captures the bacteria and allows it to hang around reeking havoc on your teeth and gums.

Now, we are not saying you can’t indulge in the holiday delights, but just like last month, we want you to be prepared. Throw a small bottle of mouthwash, a travel toothbrush, and floss in your purse or pocket and do your due-diligence after the feast and fun!

Next month, we will talk about holiday new year’s resolutions for your oral health, but here is a hint for our #1 pick, schedule a post-holiday check up.