5 Tips to Prevent Halloween Candy from Rotting Your Kids’ Teeth

Halloween is right around the corner and your kids are getting excited. But, as parents, we know that Halloween is prime time for cavities. Unfortunately, you don’t have control over what the neighbors are passing out, but you do have control over getting your children off to bed with clean teeth. At Franklin Family Dentistry, we’ve put together 5 Tips to Prevent Halloween Candy from Rotting Your Kids’ Teeth.

Don’t let them go trick-or-treating on an empty stomach

When your child is getting ready for Halloween night, make sure they have a decent meal prior to heading out with friends. This can help cut down on the amount of candy your child will eat should they feel full from their meal.

Another option is to bargain with a healthy snack. Using fruits or vegetables after your child has consumed candy will help clean your child’s teeth. Goodbye to stick candy and sugar residue and hello happy, healthy smiles!


Hide the candy

Long after Halloween is over there is a candy-a-plenty. Let your child have their night out and enjoy the traditions of collecting candy from the neighborhood, but be ready to limit the amount of candy intake after the night is over. Use the candy as a reward or explain why it important that the candy not is readily available. Overconsumption of these sugary snacks can lead to tooth decay and other health problems. Just make sure your child knows it is not a punishment. This will help avoid them sneaking candy and hiding around their room!


Practice a brushing routine

Just because it’s a fun night and your child is hyped up on the excitement of dressing up and eating too much sugar, doesn’t mean the daily routine is thrown to the wayside. Make sure your child sticks to their brushing and flossing routine before bed. This will ensure that they are over to sleep with a clean mouth and no sugar residue will be chipping away at their healthy smiles.


Avoid hard or sticky candy

Remember hearing how grandma pulled a tooth out chewing on some caramels? Hard, sticky candy is known not just for its sweet appeal, but for the negative impact, it can leverage on your oral health. These hard caramels, suckers, and gummy bears tend to linger on the teeth and stay in the mouth for a long time, leading to tooth decay or even worse, you can chip or break a tooth! Stick to soft candies and avoid that delicious caramel apple sucker.


Throw away what you don’t need

Halloween is a one-night event. Even though plenty of stores and houses hold on to their candy supply long after the night is through, doesn’t mean you should too. Keep the sugary treats and drinks out of the home. Set a date, like November 2nd to toss any lingering or unnecessary candy away.