Will Mouth Guards Really Protect My Child’s Teeth?

Ahh … spring!

Our senses fill with the smell of freshly cut grass, the sight of beautiful spring blooms and the sounds of children playing outdoors. The spring season also means kids in every community start batting baseball and softball balls, swinging tennis rackets and jumping track hurdles.

Keep the cracks, chips and broken records on the playing field – and not coming from your child’s injured mouth – by investing in a custom mouth guard from Franklin Family Dentistry for your spring athlete.

The quality protection that comes with a custom-fitted mouth guard could make the difference between a traumatic emergency room visit or taking your child out for a celebratory ice cream after a big game.


Do Mouth Guards Work?

Using an athletic mouthguard reduces the risk of sport-related dental injuries, according to the American Dental Association. If used properly, a mouth guard not only saves teeth, but can protect jaws from injury. In fact, the ADA estimates mouth guards prevent more than 200,000 injuries each year.

However, mouth guards – one of the least expensive pieces of protective sports gear – only work if your child wears one, and it needs to be properly fitted. According to an American Association of Orthodontists survey, 84 percent of children aren’t required to wear mouth guards while playing organized sports, even when other protective gear is required.

The AAO describes the most effective mouth guard as one that holds the teeth in place, resists tearing, and allows for normal speech and breathing. If your athlete wears braces, ask your orthodontist to recommend a proper mouth guard.


Store-bought Mouth Guard vs. Custom Mouth Guard

Every parent wants to equip their child athlete for success and protect them from injury. That’s why they’re willing to invest in the helmets, knee pads and running shoes. With a plethora of athletic mouth guards available at your local sporting goods store, parents may find it difficult to choose the right one.

While store-bought mouth guards may provide some protection, they typically don’t fit well and can interfere with breathing during high exertion. The ADA says the most protective option is a custom-fitted mouth guard developed by a pediatric dentist to protect your child from injuries to the teeth and face, and possibly severe injuries to the head.

Keep safety in mind this spring sports season, and contact Franklin Family Dentistry for a customized solution for your little athlete. Go team!