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New Year’s Dental Resolutions

We’ve lived and learned a lot in the last year, but 2017 is your year for new beginnings. Focus on you, your health, and of course, your dental health! With the past few months offering plenty of delicious eats and sugary treats, you should consider a quick cleaning and check-up and make the following tips part of your New Year dental resolutions.

Brush it off!

2016 was a wild year with a lot going on so, brush it off! We suggest going into this year with a goal to brush morning and night without fail. We know it is easy to overlook this important step in your daily routine, so why not make it fun with a new Bluetooth brush? Set reminders, follow timers to ensure you’ve spent the perfect amount of time per tooth, and come out with smiles shining!

Floss it!

We don’t just mean the literal definition, but show it off! Beautiful teeth take time and commitment to cleaning. Flossing will help you get to those hard-to-reach areas where food gets caught and begins the process of collecting bad bacterias that cause damage to your oral health. We suggest keeping a small container of floss on you or in your car at all times so you can do a quick floss between meals and of course before bed!

Watch when you rinse!

When do you rinse with mouthwash? Most Americans will rinse with a mouthwash as soon as they finish brushing their teeth. This only adds to your dental care costs. How? Mouthwash, even fluoride-based ones, will rinse away the concentrated fluoride in your toothpaste. Keep the mouthwash ready in-between meals or potentially damaging beverages like coffee, wine, or sugary drinks.

Eat clean!

We talked a lot about the foods to avoid over the last few months, but this is the most overlook area of oral health. What you consume directly impacts your oral and overall health. Kill two birds with one stone in 2017 by consuming naturally occurring vegetables to keep your smile bright and white and help slim your waistline. Opt for carrots, celery, cucumbers, and watch for highly acidic veggies.

Kick the bad habits!

It can be hard, but it can be done. Bad habits like consuming too much soda, smoking or chewing tobacco, chewing on your pen cap all impact your oral health. From discoloration to cavities and everything in-between, these habits will pose issues that bring on unnecessary dental visits. We want to see our valued patients, but not too often! Set your intention and stay the course.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s your turn to put them to good use. If you find yourself having trouble deciding on what is best for you, let us know! And, remember to schedule your yearly check-ups for 2017.