dental tips thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dental Tips

It’s that time of year! The end of the year brings lots of joy, laughter, love, and a whole bunch of delicious holiday dishes. With each holiday gathering from here until the New Year, you will want to make sure your oral health stays in tip-top shape. Let’s dive into five great ways to keep your smile bright and white, ready for all of those holiday photos.

1. Keep your smile hydrated

We all know that chronic dehydration is a big issue and can lead to unnecessary snacking.This becomes extremely concerning during the holiday season with all of the delicious treats that are being crafted in the kitchen. But, staying hydrated has another big benefit. Between each bite, course, and snack, a healthy dose of water will wash away debris build-up known to cause plaque. Tap water is also known to contain fluoride which will help in aiding the fight against all of the acidic ingredients we consume during the holidays.

2. Brush, floss, repeat    

There is nothing more annoying than turkey in the teeth, and nothing more embarrassing than a leafy green in your pearly whites. Flossing after eat meal will help you remove excess debris that gets caught between your teeth that can cause plaque build-up and gum disease. We also recommend carrying a travel toothbrush that you can carry with you for a quick clean-up. However, a pack of Spry Xylitol gum is a great way to keep your teeth clean after a big meal. Xylitol is a natural ingredient that inhibits bacteria from sticking to your teeth. If bacteria can’t stick, they can’t colonize and damage your oral health.

3. pH, keep it basic

For all of those science buffs, you know what we mean. A lot of those tasty holiday treats are packed with sugar, acids, and are leaders in negative oral health impact. Some common culprits include cranberry sauce, pies, and that big glass holiday wine. If you find it hard to avoid your favorite dishes, make sure you swish and floss after your meal.

4. Veg Out!

Vegetables are your allies during the holiday season. Not only are they a great go-to for keeping your holiday diet on track, they help keep your teeth clean. Of course, this is assuming you are not loading them down with sauces and dips. Crisp raw vegetables like carrots cauliflower, cucumbers, broccoli, and celery all help clean plaque from teeth and freshen breath.

5. Post holiday dental appointment

When all is said and done, the holidays can wreak havoc on your waistline and beautiful smile. If your holiday habits are leaving your teeth in need of a cleaning, call us today or request and appointment and restore your post-holiday oral health.